Monday, July 16, 2018
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Brief About Braille Press

Under National Book Foundation

Vision: Composing, Proofing, Printing and Binding of Braille Book for the Blind


Brief History

  • Established in 1976 in National Book Foundation office Karachi.
  • A welfare oriented project to provide educational material to visually handicapped people almost.
  • It would enable them to positively contribute in the country’s development.
  • It consists of locally manufactured machinery operated manually.


Since the inception of Braille Press to date, the Braille Press has printed/Reprinted so far about77704 copies of 1038 titles/volumes consisting of 100 pages of each volume.

It has printed Braille books of different categories:-

  1. Holy Qura’an 
  2. Syllabus Book for Class I to Graduate level.
  3. Reference Books.
  4. Islamic Books.

The Braille books can also be printed on order.

Facilities for the Blind

The Braille books are provided to the visually impaired persons almost free of cost.

List of Books

The following books have been printed by the Braille Press:


English Publications

Urdu Publications

Arabic Publication

Sindhi Publication

Functional English Grammar (7 Parts)

for class X

Mutala Pakistan (4 Parts) for class IX-X

Holy Qura’an (With Urdu Translation) 

Sindhi Braille Chart

The way to Happiness

Bang-i-Dara (3 Parts)

Holy Qura’an (Without Translation)


English Braille Chart

Islami Muashra aur Nabina Afrad

Asan Namaz (Urdu Translation)


English Braille Guide

Urdu Adab ka Tareekhi Khaka (2 Parts) for class XI-XII

Norani Qauida


My English Book I (STBB)

Deen-i-Mubin (3 Parts) for class B.A

Qurani and Arabic Braille Guide


My English Book II (STBB)

Dard-e-Ashob By Dr. Ahmed Faraz

Arabic Braille Chart


My English Book III (STBB)

Urdu Braille Guide

Punj Surah


Urdu English Dictionary (3 Parts)



Urdu Braille Chart

- - 

Urdu Quaida for Class I (STBB)

- -

Urdu Ki Darsi Kitab I (STBB)

- -

Braille Press National Book Foundation Is Openly Supplying OfBraille Books To The Blinds Peoples Almost Free Of Cost Through NBF Outlet At Country Level And Pakistan Association Of The Blind And All N.G.O’s At Country Level  National  Provincial And Branches Level And Private Institute At Door Step Level.

Unique achievement

It has printed the Holy Qura’an with Urdu translation and punctuations in Braille, which is one of its kind in the world.

Administration of Braille Press.

The Braille press of National Book Foundation is functioning under Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan.

It seeks guidance from a Managing Committee comprising on the following:


President, Pakistan Association of the Blind



A representative of the Pakistan Association of the Blind



Chairman, Sindh Textbook Board



Manager, Braille Press, Karachi



Resident Director, National Book Foundation, Karachi


Future Plan

  • Modernization of Braille Press with units and all accessories related there to.
  • Transport to facilitate visually impaired people.
  • More variety of publications both textbooks and general reading interest.  
  • Launching of a website.
  • Braille books for children. (Stories, Poems and Milli Songs.
  • Braille Book Library and Talking Books Library.


Donations are accepted for the above task both in kind in value.

Press is open for the general public to physically witness the operational performance.

For further orders and communication, please contact Manager Braille Press.

Syed Maqbool Ali,


Braille Press,

National Book Foundation,

Liaquat Memorial Library Premises,

Stadium Road,

Karachi. (Pakistan)

Tel # (0092-21) 9230334, 9231806

Fax # (0092-21) 9231089, 9231806

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it